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Our focus at BluPrint Cloud is to map ideas and change them into reality through the online world.

This is done by providing web applications and tools on the cloud environment which further improves your business or individual underpinning growth whilst minimising risks.

Flexibility is provided to offer best results allowing clients to have complete control over their cloud technologies by providing Content Management Systems or Web Based Online Portals.

The value of BluPrint Cloud relies on providing exceptional service to our clients.

Passionate technologists based in London UK, catered worldwide is our motto.

Crafted With Passion

We put our heart and soul in every design for you to showcase your website to the world

Mobile First Thinking

Concise and relevant mobile experience that is carried over to the tablet and desktop

Retina Ready

Provide better picture quality and sharper fonts

Clean Code

We use clean coding habits to have efficient and readable code

Modern Look

Designs are always kept up to date with current visual trend

Creative Vision

Create websites in keeping with the latest web technologies


Web Management

Website Building, Domain Management, Web Hosting

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Services We Offer

  • Build responsive websites for both both desktop, tablet & mobile view
  • Help you find a domain name you will love.
  • Assist with migrating from your existing domain provider to us.
  • We can host your website on our server.
  • Website back-up and restore solutions.
  • Provide SSL Certificates to secure your website.


Help you gather data on user behaviour on your website.

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Services We Offer

  • Provide monthly performance related SEO reports.
  • Help set up Google Analytics event tracking for you to control.
  • Implement social sharing on content driven pages.
  • Incorporate Google Analytics to measure how far users are scrolling on pages.
  • Incorporate Google Analytics to measure active time users engage on pages.

Web Mail

Get professional email that shows you mean business.

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Services We Offer

  • Access email from any device, anywhere around the world
  • Check your emails on any web browser.
  • Microsoft Office 365 is used for you to get more done - anytime, anywhere.
  • Built-in spam and virus protection.

IT Support

We keep your machines performing and at the top of its game.

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Services We Offer

  • Consultation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation/Setups
  • Repairs

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Websites which grab emotion

There’s more to web development than coding. Design simplicity should create a consequential and lasting relation with the audience.

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Build platforms with customers

To develop a more personalised connection with consumers, we believe building a strong web platform will be the first steps towards securing long term relationships.

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Convert problems into success

Finding solutions to problems and tackling them to develop successful results.

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Crafted in London, UK

Catered Worldwide

our portfolio work

Mrunal S. Photography

The Mrunal S. Gallery showcases wide range of photography collections not only from travel trips accross the world but also occassions such as Diwali Fireworks and family weddings.

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